• Fitness
  • Burn Machine

    Brun calories and tone muscles with the Burn Machine SB-4. At four pounds, this exercise unit is light enough for longer, more cardio-intense workouts to help uncover sculpted shoulders, arms, back and muscular endurance. Use the Burn Machine SB-4 for a variety of workout applications from advanced athletic training to injury rehabilitation. This unit makes a great addition to group workout classes, and is also an inexpensive and portable alternative to the upper-body ergometer (UBE) machines.

    The Universal Barbell

    The Universal Barbell combines the versatility of a dumbbell with the stability of a barbell. Featuring the patented Asym-metrical Sliding Counterweight, the Universal engages your core unlike any other barbell on the market. Plus, the bar's 360-degree rotating grips allow you to rotate as you curl and lift, maximizing comfort and efficiency during your strength-training workout.

  • Block
  • Three Minute Egg Block

    The Three Minute Egg® is ergonomically designed to work with the shape of your body. The egg offers an unparal-leled combination of comfort, protection and support in both dynamic and restorative postures. No matter what style of yoga you enjoy, the Three Minute Egg® will add new dimensions to your practice.

    Wrist Saver Block

    Stick-e® Wrist Saver Block is a traditional yoga block with additional functionality for wrist support, comfort and strength. The lightweight block with an internal handle optimizes wrist positloning during upper body weight bearing exercises, yoga poses and pushups. As a result, it provides better comfort and strength.

  • Strap
  • Infinity Strap

    The Infinity Strap™ and The Infinity Strap STRETCH™ are designed to solve the problems of other kinds of straps by providing an elegant, simple, beautiful and safe alternative. This design serves multiple purposes. Because of the subltle twist in the design, each loop always stays open, making it easy th slip over one's hand or foot. The twist also makes it very easy and natural to form a good grip, following the natural contours of the body. It also distributes the pressure away from one's fingers more broadly over one's hand and wrist.

    Stretch Rite

    The patented Stretch Rite gives you a safer,more effec-tive way to improve flexibility and get total body relief for sore, tight muscles.
    Progressively Improve Flexibility / Ergonomically Correct / Easily Montior Progress

  • Yoga Sak

  • The YOGASAKS unique feature is the backpack style bag. Whether you're walking around town, riding your bicyle or just on the go, the functionality and durability allows you to take the YOGA SAK everywhere. The SAK has adjustable straps that will fit all body sizes and shapes and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The SAK even comes with a built-in water bottle holder and a compartment in the rear to carry your yoga block, towel, shoes, ipod etc. The YOGA SAK will keep your mat clean, dry and all done with style.

  • Optimus Yoga
  • Optimus Yoga Mat

    Focus on durability and functionality, these yoga mats will provide our customers with professional quality exercise mat at very low cost with most comfort. Some of our models have the lines drawn on the mat so that it will be easier for users to align body correct promoting correct posture for better result.