• Moji
  • Moji Knee Ice Wrap

    The revolutionary two-piece design, consisting of a Moji Compression Wrap and Moji Cold Cell, provides icing around your knee to optimize recovery, prevent injuries, and ease minor aches and pains.

    Moji Back Pain Relief System (Heat & Ice)

    Moji's breakthrough Heat and Cold Cells are specially engineered to provide moist heat or ice right where it's needed most, offering full coverage to the lower back. When to use heat and when to use ice.

    Moji Universal Heat & Ice Wrap

    Ice & Heat for a Dozen Different Body Parts
    Shoulder, Groin, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Hamstrings, Calf, Achilles, Piriformis, Quad, Shin, Foot

    Moji Neck Heat Wrap

    Moji Neck Heat Wrap은 상단 뒤쪽 목 중간에 따뜻한 열을 제공하여 긴장된 근육을 풀어 주며 몸을 따뜻하게 해주는 올인원 의류 형태의 제품입니다. Moji Neck Heat Wrap의 열 발산 소재는 습기 방출 실리카 구슬로 만들어져, 2분간 전자레인지에 돌린 후 사용하시면 최적의 효과를 느낄 수 있습니다.

    Moji 360 Curve Massager

    Moji Neck+Heat Wrap is an innovative all-in-one garment that provides soothing heat to the neck and middle to upper back. Moji Neck+Heat Wrap is made from premium four-way stretch materials and moisture-releasing silica beads; it pops in the microwave for 2 minutes and then is ready to use. No chemiclas, no pills, just the magic of moist heat.

    Moji 360 Mini Massager

    With a small massage in one hand, you can massage any part of your body anytime. The MOJI 360 MINI MASSAGER instrument is designed to massage up to the body's fine motor.

    Moji 360 Foot Massager

    This is the ideal massage for massage tired feet. The MOJI 360 FOOT MASSAGER is easy to use and easy to use, and it can massage itself at the strength that the 360-degree rotating bead wants. The FOOT massage is attached with non-slip rubber below, so it can be used comfortably without slipping.

    Moji Heat Massage Ball

    The Moji Heat Massage Ball adds a cushion to the surface to provide a strong, comfortable feel. It's portable, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Maintain 140 degrees of heat for 30 minutes to deliver warm warmth, so you massage the area covered with solid muscles and fatigue. Arm, leg, calf, back, neck, and so on.

    Moji Heat Massage FormRoller

    Moji Heat Massage FormRoller relieves tense muscles from up to 30 minutes of heat massage and prevents muscle damage, providing comfort and coolness. The embossing surface maximizes every nook and cranny irritation and adds comfort and non-slip stability. The two-stage separation also enables massage in large areas and small areas and allows two people to use a single massage.

  • ProStrech

  • The #1 Preferred Lower Leg Stretching Device by Professional Athletes, Trainers, and Physical Therapist World Wide. The Original ProStretch's unique stretching system has been proven to stretch lower leg muscles easier and far more effec-tively than conventional methods. This improved flexibililty and range of motion heples relieve, rehab and alleviate plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tight calves, and Achilles tendonitis as well as enhance overall performance